gaia realms

What is the gaia realms?

The Gaia Realms is a Server Network that offers multiple fun gamemodes


We have our own Minecraft Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

That is a long sentence, so you can use MCMMORPG if you like!

It is a gamemode about doing Quests, Raiding dungeons and having fun!


And we have our own Pixelmon Server, where you gotta catch them all!


Can you become the best Adventurer/Trainer of them all?






how to join the Pixelmon server?

1. Download the Pixelmon Launcher here: Downloadlink

2. After executing, check the box and click Install

3. Log in with your Minecraft account

4. Then go to Pixpacks tab

5. There, search for 'Gaia Realms Pixpack'

6. Next, click on [Install]

7.  Click on [Create New Profile]

8. After you click [Download], it will start installling

10. You can now run the Gaia Realms Pixpack

11. It will start up Minecraft, when done, go to Multiplayer

11. The first server in the list is the Gaia Realms Pixelmon server, join that server

12. When it says "Can't connect to server", you can join the second link

13. Then, Welcome to the server and Enjoy!


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